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Algonquin Academy of Dance

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Combination: Ballet, Tap, Jazz

This 1-2 1/2 hour class includes instruction in Ballet & Tap for students 3 yrs. to adults. In addition, our younger students have tumbling in their combination class, while our older students have Jazz instruction. 

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes allow student 5 yrs. and older opportunity to experience the excitement of learning a dance style what combines jazz, street and break dancing to create it's own art form. This class ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and students explore the various elements of other styles that are necessary to be a hip hop artist.  

Musical Theatre

Dance for The Theater is the perfect class for young actors and actresses to explore dance for the stage. This class teaches various styles of dance that can be found in theatrical and Musical productions alike! 


This class will focus on movement derived from feeling, expression, and interpretation. A fusion of several dance styles will allow dancers to break away from the structure and limitations of classic and technical styles to explore free movement and the use of space, breath, and gravity in dance. 

Wiggles & Giggles 

Take your first steps with AAD! This class is designed for our youngest dancers. Ages 18 months to 3yrs. Dancers are accompanied by an adult as they are introduced to dance, music, and movement. We sing, dance, shake, and play! This is a great way to get your little one moving and grooving! *This is a summer class only. 


Learning to dance Pointe requires the development of strong muscles in the dancers feet ankles and legs to help them stand in toe-shoes. This class is offered in addition to regular ballet classes to ensure that dancers are prepared and properly trained to dance on their toes. 

Lyrical & Contemporary

This class explores the styles of Lyrical & Contemporary dance, which incorporate the technique of Ballet with the expressive body movements of Jazz. Dancers in this class will be challenged to bring emotion into their performance with expressive movements. 


Those are not just shiny objects, those are pom poms! Dancers in this class learn combination style dance routines making use of pom poms. Students learn to work with their peers in kick lines and formations to create energetic performances. We offer this class for both recreational and competitive dancers. 


This class starts every year in March. The focus of this class is flexibility and strengthening techniques . Dancers will explore basic gymnastics skills that are used on the mat in acrobatic and dance performances. 

Adult Classes

You are never to old to start or continue your dance education. We offer Hip Hop and Combination Classes for adults of any age or experience. Our programs are tailored to encourage, empower, inspire, and challenge adults at any level as they explore their dance potential! 

Competitive Dance Team

We are proud to offer competitive dance teams for students of various skill level and experience. Click blow for more information on our teams! 

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